Traditional Marketing: Is it Old Fashioned?

Traditional marketing seemingly polarises many of my marketing peers. Personally, I’m at a loss at those who are steadfast that being traditional equals being old fashioned.

Traditional marketing often conjures up images of people that haven’t moved with the times. But why do we not consider that some traditions are tried and tested rituals? Read More »

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Your Marketing Message: My Lesson

Your business’ marketing message should get to the heart of your business.

When I meet owners who are discouraged at how to market their business, more often than not they have lost focus on why they decided to go it alone.

And here’s my confession: Only a few months into starting my business, I had lost my marketing message – me, a marketer! Read More »

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What do Customers Want?

The Client Whisperer - The Aspire Magazine

The Client Whisperer - The Aspire Magazine

I’m a natural born caregiver. Every personality test I’ve ever taken results in this very conclusion. And maybe it’s this innate ability to empathise with people that makes it so easy for me to understand and communicate “what customers want” from businesses.

For me, understanding client relationships isn’t rocket science. Essentially, it’s putting yourself in the shoes of your customer.  So I’m going to do just that and let you know the basics of what I want from you. Read More »

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Delivering your promise

Oscars 2013 and a competition was being run through Twitter and Facebook from a lingerie business I follow: “Tweet what you would wear underneath [image of actress at Oscars] for your chance to win 1 of 3 $100 gift cards”.

Not only was this timely and creative Social Media marketing, it was fun! I tweeted my answer and, yay me, they tweeted the next day to say I’d won a gift cards. Read More »

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Marketing manipulation?

I write this on the so-called most romantic of days, Valentine’s Day. I’m not by nature a cynical person, in fact quite the opposite, but I admit to hating being (knowingly) manipulated by corporate marketing dollars.

Most of you will know the story, Valentine’s Day was a marketing strategy by Hallmark cards to increase sales and, geez, what a success it as been. Most marketers can only dream of impacting not only a business’ profit-line so dramatically, but the imaginations of a marketplace. Read More »

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How to: Lose a Loyal Client / Brand Advocate (Part 2)

Wow, I have certainly exhaled after my catharsis in How to Lose a Brand Advocate (Part 1) and, on reflection, it is a Blog that highlights for business owners how you can make a customer feel who has invested their loyalty and trust with you.

Why does being by a business advocate cut so deep? Because I truly love being one. Maybe it’s because I spent much of my formative career in the frontline of business where I was often in the line of fire as “shoot the messenger” and no matter how hard I tried or how far beyond my call of duties I went, I very rarely got any formal kudos. Read More »

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How to: Lose a Loyal Customer / Brand Advocate (Part 1)

Now, this is not an easy blog to write and I aim to do it with dignity and grace, but I’ve just been through a horrible break-up as a customer and it still hurts.

I loved them, truly, and not only “would’ve done anything”, but I believe, as best I could, I “did” everything I could to help them with no expectation except goodwill. But as with many relationships, it is only through hindsight that you realise you are the only one valuing what there is. Read More »

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5 Marketing tips businesses can learn from Tough Mudder

Most people know Tough Mudder: The world’s toughest obstacle race course. (Although now they have changed it to “probably the toughest” with the influx of obstacle courses entering its marketplace). Well, lil-old me, she who was once known as scaredy-cat-of-the-world, did it and completed it on Saturday (19 February) at Phillip Island Victoria.

It was an amazing personal achievement for me, one that has left me with many lessons to apply to both my personal and business lives. But reflecting on the day in hindsight has me captivated by the brand’s success and the lessons businesses can learn from the worldwide phenomena that is Tough Mudder. Read More »

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Heart in Business: Is there room for it?


Is there room for heart in business

Is there Room for Heart in Business?

I arrived at the networking meeting and was greeted by the facilitator of the group to be told (well reminded) I “wasn’t having a good month”.  The meeting commenced with the usual roundtable discussion on how fabulous our businesses were doing.  But I had already decided to wear my heart on my sleeve and when it was my turn I said, without apologies, I didn’t have any greatness to declare, I had had a terrible month of personal issues and it was everything to keep my head above water and not disappoint my clients. Read More »

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Inbound Marketing: What is it?

Enjoy this article I wrote on Inbound Marketing for client eNudge‘s newsletter.

Inbound Marketing is one of the newer marketing buzz words that I’m sure you have heard about from time-time. But with the marketing landscape moving at ever increasing speeds, many business owners miss the definition of these new marketing strategies for their business.

Inbound marketing isn’t complicated, however, and can be easily applied to your business. Read More »

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