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Why you should never forget your online customers are real people

In my last post, I discussed how I had broken up with Facebook and the importance of keeping your personal and business pages separate. But the other interesting take-away from my experience was the reality of my online relationships. Within a few hours of deactivating my personal account, one of my closest friends texted me asking how […]

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Why you should separate your Facebook business and personal pages

Facebook and I decided to break up. It’s not necessarily permanent, but I told it I needed a break to de-clutter my mind’s chaos. Knowing I am an addict and too nosey for my own good, I deactivated my personal account. My love affair with Facebook and social media marketing is still alive and well […]

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Twitter: An Accountability Tool

Twitter is one of my favourite social media marketing platforms. How I’ve developed business relationships over 140 character, bit-size chats is a little staggering, but I have. Maybe it’s the fact we have to often think mindfully about what we want to say within such a succinct format that our true voice comes to the […]

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Ten Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

Marketing is hard, let alone when you’re a start-up. When I decided to take the leap-of-faith, my family and friends asked: “How are you going to get clients?” I joked back: “I better know, I’m a marketer!”

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Are you wrongly judging your customers?

On my way to gym I decided to drop in to one of my favourite clothing boutiques. I was looking for a dress for an event. I needed help and watched two sales assistants ignore me and walk past. I grabbed two dresses and helped myself to a dressing room. I came out twice to […]

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Is it a Happy Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a time to utilise the opportunity as a marketing platform for your business’ sales. Or is it? Last year, before I got ready to host my Mum for Mother’s Day, I did a boxing session. At the end of class, our trainer was asked, “Hope you sent your Mum some flowers”. The trainer […]

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Your Marketing Message: My Lesson

Your business’ marketing message should get to the heart of your business. When I meet owners who are discouraged at how to market their business, more often than not they have lost focus on why they decided to go it alone. And here’s my confession: Only a few months into starting my business, I had […]

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How to: Lose a Loyal Client / Brand Advocate (Part 2)

Wow, I have certainly exhaled after my catharsis in How to Lose a Brand Advocate (Part 1) and, on reflection, it is a Blog that highlights for business owners how you can make a customer feel who has invested their loyalty and trust with you. Why does being by a business advocate cut so deep? Because I […]

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5 Marketing tips businesses can learn from Tough Mudder

Most people know Tough Mudder: The world’s toughest obstacle race course. (Although now they have changed it to “probably the toughest” with the influx of obstacle courses entering its marketplace). Well, lil-old me, she who was once known as scaredy-cat-of-the-world, did it and completed it on Saturday (19 February) at Phillip Island Victoria. It was an […]

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Twitter Talk: How to use Twitter

For the uninitiated, Twitter can be like walking into a party where you don’t know the people nor the strange jargon they speak. Just like any new cultural change comes new language, but once deciphered, Twitter talk is pretty easy. So let’s not put it off any further,  let me hold your hand and walk you […]

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